29 March 2020
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Financial Services in simple terms

Financial services can be confusing for the unfamiliar, but calling in the experts – when they’re the right experts – can price to be an investment rather than an expense.

As a trusted provider of financial services, we recognise that many financial advisers do not have a transparent offering or provide their clients with comprehensive advice. This means many Australians often settle for financial advice which hasn’t considered all the products or services available to them.

You deserve better!

And you’ll get it from Switzer Financial Services. Our founding director, Peter Switzer, is one of the country’s most respected business and financial commentators.

Peter’s wealth of experience from many years of personal investment education, combined with our highly qualified team, means we are in a strong position to understand what is best for our clients.

Our financial planning services include:

  • Wealth creation and investment advice
  • Superannuation and retirement planning
  • Managing redundancy and early retirement
  • Estate planning
  • Cash flow management and budgeting
  • Home and investment loan analysis
  • Personal risk insurance
  • Property analysis
  • Self-managed super fund advice.
Why choose Switzer Financial Services?

We differ from the majority of the financial planning industry, as we don’t receive commissions on our client’s investments from any institution. We have a transparent fee structure rebating all commission we receive back to our clients. As a result our advisers provide conflict-free advice that is in your best interest and that will help you achieve your goals.

Wherever practical, we adopt a fee-for-service pricing model. This means we will agree on a fee with our client based on the amount of work we put into their unique situation, and not on the size of their investment/s.

Guidance you can trust

At Switzer, we have our own Australian Financial Services Licence. This means we are not tied to any financial institution, so unlike many financial planning firms, our advisers will select strategies and investments that put your needs first.

We provide fixed-dollar quotes for preparation of our initial advice based on the areas of advice you want us to look at and the complexity of the advice you require.

Here to help

We aim to help everyone: we offer our advice to everyone who is willing to pay a reasonable amount for good advice.

As we have our own Financial Services Licence if we are not happy with a service or investment we are free to change to another, no bank or fund manager can stop us making sure we put our clients first.

We care for our clients and our purpose is to provide them with affordable trusted advice that will help them achieve their goals.

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