27 October 2021
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Should Genes be Patentable?

The Debate There has been heated discussion in the media lately about the validity of gene patents, much of which was provoked by the recent decision by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in Association for Molecular Pathology v. US Patent & Trademark Office No. 09-Civ-4515 (Myriad). The case, […]

US financial reform and the Fungus Five

Recently, I described financial reform as a “petri dish” of pending legislation. The government is tackling too many issues at the same time. Without constants—we don’t know how markets will react to all the moving pieces. It gets worse. Last night The Wall Street Journal profiled the back-room deals working their way through pending legislation. […]

Too Big to Do the Right Thing?

I’ve been extremely critical of Goldman Sachs. The bonuses, funded by taxpayer bailouts, teed me off. Now, I have a different concern: Is the prosecution of Goldman Sachs going too far? Federal prosecutors are considering a criminal case against employees. This isn’t about fines. This is about hard time behind bars. It’s not clear, though, whether […]

Tougher Patentability Rules for Australia

New changes to the Australian Patents Act will toughen the requirements for patentability in Australia, bringing standards into line with those in the US and Europe.  The amendments, which introduce an American style “duty of disclosure”, could have serious ramifications for future Australian patentees, Griffith Hack Sydney principal Robert Wulff has warned. The changes, which […]

Goldman Sachs, Goldfish Eat Their Young

Is paranoia necessary to survive on Wall Street? In one sense, Goldman Sachs is no different from other investment banks. Junior employees are expendable. Like goldfish, investment banks eat their young when brand-protection and self-interest make cannibalism seem rationale. Smart guys, rainmakers, anybody in the trenches—they’re all vulnerable. Case in point: “fabulous Fab” otherwise known as […]

Business health before the Budget

Ahead of the May Federal Budget, more economists are now thinking the month could usher in the overdue pause by the Reserve Bank with their rush to the so-called normal level of interest rates. And it therefore makes it timely to see what parts of the Aussie economy are doing well, and those which are […]

The Magnetar Trade: Trojan Horse from a Hedge Fund

What happens when it’s insanely profitable to lose money? Huh? Last Friday, ProPublica described how one hedge fund—Magnetar—invested in the toxic waste from sub-prime mortgages no one wanted. And it made wads of money. The story is long but well worth your time. The Magnetar Trade illustrates how: the capital markets are a new-age war; deception […]

Men behaving badly

A couple of years ago I was renovating a house in the eastern suburbs of Sydney – an old Victorian home that needed to be unshackled from ugly layers that had built up over the years. Its bones were good. If you’re an architecture lover like me, you’d see the beauty in the craftmanship of […]

Is the RBA acting in your interest?

Has anyone stopped to think what the Reserve Bank is really up to in dropping interest rates last year and then raising them so much and so often a few months later? I remember studying economics years ago at school with a teacher who couldn’t in all truth tell a supply curve from a demand […]

The magazine whisper

First there was the horse whisperer. Then the dog whisperer. Well hold your horses because now there’s the magazine whisperer! I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had acquired RUSSH – the fashion magazine with the most passionate following I’ve ever seen. But first a warning, if you don’t have any interest in fashion […]

Sliding doors and business breaks

Not only was the eminent Alexander Graham Bell credited with inventing the first practical telephone, the following quote is also attributed to this man of science: “When one door closes, another door opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which […]

Big business behaving badly

We produced an excellent title for a very large organisation about seven years ago and everyone at Switzer working on the project put their heart and soul into it. The result was a roaring success and the company won accolades for this, with their staff rewarded handsomely for such a fine result, or so we […]

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